Two Kingdoms Theology


Dave Atkinson of South Orange County Outreach pointed out this gem.

This is a series of video podcasts from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, available on iTunes for free. This particular series, starting with an interview of Uwe Siemon-Netto (you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page and start from the bottom up, depending on your browser), deals with Two Kingdoms theology, God’s two fold rule on Earth.There are twenty nine lectures in the series, and it takes you from a very basic understanding to advanced application in the life and vocation of believers. The Two Kingdom doctrine is compared and contrasted to groups like Islam and some Christian groups that mingle the two kingdoms. This is a great resource for Pastors and teachers or for your own personal understanding. The doctrine of the two kingdoms is a much needed corrective to the misunderstandings in the church regarding its relationship to the state, and our God-given vocations.These are quality college- or seminary-level presentations excellently produced. Other links and resources are referenced for further study. These are great resources made available at no cost and are not to be missed. **NOTE: The video files we’ve linked to above are fairly large (many over 30MB) and will take some time to download. We recommend only accessing these over a high-speed internet connection. We also recommend Apple’s Quicktime software for viewing the videos.

Papers mentioned by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt in his interview on Issues, Etc. in early 2009, specifically the first one by Korey Maas:

Sola Fide: Luther and Calvin by Dr. Phillip Cary Dr. Cary surveys assurance in Calvin and assurance in Luther.

(Dr. Cary, an Episcopalian, also has a great introduction to Luther’s theology in an audio series—also available as a transcript version—which you can get at The Teaching Company. We consider this a must-buy!)

Booklets on the Charismatic Movement from the Commission on Theology and Church Relations (C.T.C.R. – an ersatz invention of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church):

Martin Luther’s Preface to His Commentary on Galatians

An Examination Of The Testimony Of The Four Evangelists, By The Rules Of Evidence Administered In Courts Of Justice. With An Account Of The Trial Of Jesus. (Google Books, downloadable PDF available) By Simon Greenleaf, LL.D. (Dane Professor of Law in Harvard University.)

Simon Greenleaf was a law professor who taught “Evidence” at Harvard Law School for years. He was a Christian, and applied all of what he was teaching to the Gospel accounts. It was an attempt to demonstrate that the Gospels can and do qualify/pass when subjected to the most rigorous legal tests of evidence. And Greenleaf was the quintessential person qualified to do such a study.