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When Up Comes Down

“God’s up there.” The Sheriff of Nottingham gestured vaguely towards the sky. “I’m down here.” Dirty light flickered off the stained glass window. Other than the Sheriff and the friar (and possibly the lurking Cardinal), the cathedral was empty—not a sacred solitude, but a cinematic accentuation of the vacancy of the deity Friar Tuck claimed to serve.

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How Dreams Die

I woke up a few days ago with the gnawing feeling that I was forgetting something. It was an important date, I knew, but why? I checked multiple calendars, thinking that maybe I had forgotten a friend’s birthday. I checked my appointments schedule—perhaps it was a doctor’s visit I had overlooked.

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The Belief Cure

We try believing in more abstract concepts: justice (always out of reach), happiness (never fully defined), and self-improvement (with more definitions than a dictionary), only to find that we can never truly grasp which standards should be accepted and which should be rejected.

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