Christianity In Five Verses


This lecture by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt given in the Concordia University Chapel on February 14 of 2011 is what we are considering the long awaited sequel to the “The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church.” Once again it is some of his finest work. Though he didn’t set out to create such a sequel, you will notice Dr. Rosenbladt borrows from his former presentation throughout this new one. What we are affinitively calling “Christianity In Five Verses” could rightfully be titled “The Gospel” or “What is Christianity?” This powerful lecture goes right to the center of what the Christian faith is, cutting through all the claptrap and fluff that so often diverts us from the core message of the Scriptures. Dr. Rosenbladt clearly and concisely lays down Gospel right from the text of the Scriptures and contrasts this message with what often masquerades as the Gospel. This is a must-listen for every Christian, but especially for pastors and teachers charged with teaching and preaching God’s Word, and for those actively involved in sharing their faith with others.

We recommend this lecture at least as much as we do “The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church.” It is similarly being made available for free. Download it, share it with others without restriction, post it on your blog or Facebook wall. All we ask is that if you do, please include a link back to our website here at NRP.

But whatever you do, don’t miss this one. It is only a little over 22 minutes long.

DOWNLOAD Christianity in Five Verses (MP3)