Luther on Galatians


Dr. Rod Rosenbladt—Professor of Theology & Christian Apologetics: Christ College of Concordia University (Irvine, Cal.)—has released an amazing new work this year covering the preface and first four chapters of Martin Luther on Galatians. Faith Lutheran Church in Capistrano Beach, California has produced a twelve-part video series in which Dr. Rosenbladt also lectures from his new work covering these chapters. All 12 videos have been made available for free in the Vimeo gallery below. Please do yourself a favor and make sure you watch the entire series as you are able. Rarely are lectures of this caliber made available for free. We also are making the previews of Dr. Rosenbladt’s outlines available here for free. They are the same ones passed out to the audience for his lectures.

DOWNLOAD Outline Preview – Chapter 1 (PDF)DOWNLOAD Outline Preview – Chapter 2 (PDF)DOWNLOAD Outline Preview – Chapter 3 (PDF)DOWNLOAD Outline Preview – Chapter 4 (PDF)

Dr. Rosenbladt is making the full set of lectures available here in the NRP store. The full outlines are separate PDFs in which Dr. Rosenbladt has produced 168 pages.

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