The 1517 Legacy Virtual Party Invite!


What is this all about anyway?

First of all, Welcome

I want you to think of 1517 The Legacy Project as an elaborate Evite to a virtual party.

You know how it is when you go to a fun party with friends and are finally able to 'let your hair down', a lot of things that normally bug you just don’t anymore—at least not while you’re at the party.

Sure, you can grouse about things, or anything else you feel like doing, but partying is a team sport; everyone who’s actually participating knows about the magical balance where everybody’s got a say, everybody’s got a drink and everybody is included... and most importantly and deep down, everybody is happy to be there.

Many of us here at 1517 Legacy have experienced the happiness of going to Dr. Rosenbladt’s home and hanging out almost every weekend for 15 years.

Put yourself in our shoes: that's 15 to 20 of your closest buddies at Rod Rosenbladt's house to think, to talk, to hang out, to problem solve, watch movies, drink and barbeque for the better part of 20 years.

Do you think that might have had an effect?


We started out in Irvine, California at the home which Dr. Rosenbladt moved into in 1980 when he was hired at what was then Christ College Irvine, and ended up in a home he purchased over twenty years later in an unincorporated part of Tustin (home of ‘Charlie’s Back Deck’):

All Guys on deck 1517 legacy participants

And regardless of where we were, our main question from the beginning has been the same: "How do we invite people into what we are experiencing as we party and cry and laugh and hurt and drink and rejoice and eat together?"

1517 represents our latest (and best looking, in my opinion) effort at getting the word out. As I said, an elaborate Evite to a virtual party:

Date and Time

We used to get together on Fridays or Saturdays. Now, we hang out when we can (National Martini Day sounded like a good one... missed it!). Almost any excuse will do. Actually, we don’t even need an excuse. At 1517, the website is obviously 24/7 and international.

We are already planning some informal get togethers that we will post so that you can come and meet us in person and hang out. The conversations will vary as will the venues, but expect an informal setting with some recording, along with some semi-formal parts. These events will not infrequently involve alcohol and tobacco. If that isn't how you roll, that's fine, we won't hold you down and make you drink or smoke.

Also understand that the Thinking Fellows are available for speaking engagements. You can invite us to your party too, if you want. (Keeping in mind we're located in Southern California.) We’d love to work out the details.

Who’s coming? (Or: Empowering New Voices For Proclamation)

So far, we have quite a few faculty members from Concordia University, Irvine, including Dr. Rod Rosenbladt (of course!), Rod's son, Ted, is running things, me (I’m on the menu somewhere), various other contributors from every walk of life... and you.

Frankly, we want the whole world to come here! We think the power of the Gospel, which is rooted in freedom, is worth expressing and sharing. Now, though we are proudly Lutheran, we are uniting with Lutheran and non-Lutheran voices alike to reintroduce this good news to the world.

It is in these moments that people, purpose and opportunity unite!

You see, we realize that there are many fascinating, wonderful Gospel-loving or -desiring people from different churches, denominations, and, really, different worlds than ours who will be drawn into the conversation. We love hanging out and talking with non-Lutherans of all kinds—even non-Christians—and we look forward to all the conversations that develop here and hope you visit again and again.

And on that note, tell your friends! We want you and anyone you think might benefit from our new virtual back deck and party of a movement. There is no limit on guests. We take all comers.

House Rules

Rule #1: Be trustworthy. Judas is not invited.Rule #2: See rule #1.

A friend of Dr. Rosenbladt's once told him, "Live your life open, Rod, but not too open." So Dr. Rosenbladt instituted a not-terribly-rigorous 'screening process'. And over the years some guests who were thought to be trustworthy turned out not to be and were uninvited.

Other than that, the people who came over were given an amazingly wide berth. That is the ethos of Rod’s house. Period.

This ethos can lead to some party fouls for the uninitiated - apologies in advance for that. We will be gentle, but firm.

I guess if I had to come up with some light 'Rules of Engagement' (and I’m a poor choice for this, I think), be gracious to everyone and try to do the right thing. ‘Being right’ is highly overrated and not the same thing as ‘doing the right thing’. Use common sense and have a good time and share that with others.

Hosts hate to be bouncers, but if you push it you will be politely asked to leave. Failing that, you will be hoisted by the 'heavies' and deposited on the curb on your rear end... with love, of course. Do a course-correction and we will invite you back in, no problem. (In the many decades of gathering, it's hard to describe how rarely this was necessary.)

What To Bring

Yourselves mainly... be yourself. There is no one on the planet like you. Okay, there may be a doppelganger somewhere or you may have an identical twin, but really, you are a unique creation and if you have something to add and don’t, we are missing out.

If you want to join in here at 1517, there is definitely a BYOB policy. If you’ve got something to share, thank you in advance! We like to be generous with what we have, as we are able. We still need party planners, greeters, hosts and whatever you imagine you might bring to something like this. If all you’ve got is your willingness to show up, no problem. Come in and enjoy.

Respond: Yes or No

We have a newsletter sign up box at the upper right of the website. Putting your email in there is a ‘Yes’ for us. Funny thing is, we don’t have the newsletter yet. We will contact our members with a hearty and raucous welcome soon. We are developing our newsletter and email content now and are excited to be able to offer valuable content that will always be available to our list members first.

Our list members will also get the first updates about any events or important items that are happening or are time-sensitive. You won’t be constantly bugged by anyone... we don’t have the manpower to do that and we don't desire to anyway. And we don’t ‘share’ our email list with anyone.


We do put things in the ‘Newsworthy’ category. Check that for updates. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter mail list.

Update us too if something is happening for you, or if you want to contribute or be a part of our team. You can contact us through facebook, or through our Contact Us form here on the 1517 website, and submit stuff through our submissions page. You choose.

What Say You?

Are you in?