Liberty to Captives!

broken chains. liberty to captives

The preaching of the Gospel is about proclaiming liberty to captives!

I remember seeing Braveheart with all my friends at the Big Newport Theater back in '95.

The scene: Mel Gibson's William Wallace, victorious and standing bloody on a hill before his troops, raising his sword and crying...



As we continue to work behind the scenes with Dr. Rosenbladt on the evolution of his legacy, I'm reminded of how I felt back then.

The Gospel is nothing short of what Jesus preached in Luke 4:

"I have come to proclaim Freedom to the captives." 

And that's what Dr. Rosenbladt has done for 38 years in the classroom, in debate and on the radio, and at his home with this very fortunate student and many, many others.

We know that the Gospel is rooted in freedom and we want to encourage everyone with this message and export what we know to anyone who will have it.