Psalm 139: A Study

Psalm 139 Stained Glass of David playing harp

My pastor was off on vacation and he honored me with the request to teach adult Sunday School while he was away with his family.

At the time, we had been studying the Book of Psalms for quite a while and were getting close to the end of the book. I had two Sundays to cover and the appointed Psalms were 139 and 140. This is a study of Psalm 139.

This is a psalm with two halves: the dark half in the beginning and the lighter half at the end.  Also, the second half reinforms and brightens the first half.

Psalm 139 occurs in a small grouping of 'David' psalms at the end of the book of Psalms and points to the introspection, internal suffering and faith of the messianic king to come. When we arrive at Psalm 139, we're in the last book of the Psalms (it has five books) and these David psalms are a very specific prophecy about the mission, struggle and ultimate victory of Messiah as he takes his place as King of kings.

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I have included notes as an attachment. I pray this is helpful to you.