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Welcome to Banned Books, where we read and converse with the rebel children, the holy mischief-makers of God, who fight against the kind of useless religious, spiritual, and moral methods of life improvement that seek to smother the glory of God in Jesus Christ.


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About Banned Books Podcast

We all struggle with fear of being last, lost, least, littlest, and dead, and so we are here to encourage, challenge, provoke, and maybe even offend you by introducing you to theologians who at one time or another were banned by their church, declared dangerous, or simply vilified for daring to confess that Christ alone is the way, truth, and life.

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Donavon Riley

Donavon Riley is a Lutheran pastor, conference speaker, author, contributor to 1517.



Christopher is a strange brew of husband, father, pastor, media producer, and coffee roaster.


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