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Proclaim the Words “You Are Forgiven” to a Culture in Despair

There are many Christians today who come to think of sin as an illness that with a little bit of work and personal attention can be straightened out. A growing number of churches reinforce this belief by promising a ‘do-it-yourself’ plan for healing sin, complete with a checklist of ways to act godly. Often it is these same churches that withhold the promises of God by reducing the Sacraments to metaphor and trading in the Gospel for more law. So many have shifted away from the biblical understanding of our sinful, depraved state, as well as the passive nature of our salvation and righteousness.

1517 set out to do one thing at the start: Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible in as many ways as possible as was rediscovered through the Reformation in 1517.  Today, we hope to fulfill that mission by powering a variety of theological resource platforms.


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1517 Podcasting Network & Articles - Each week, we generate 10+ hours of new audio content, covering topics like Christian doctrine, apologetics, cultural engagement, and powerful preaching. Our Podcast network is growing rapidly. Similarly, we publish a brand new article every single weekday (250+ articles each year!), geared towards delivering the Good News in both written and audio format.

1517 Academy - Earlier this year, we released a brand new, 5-week course on Apologetics that is free for everyone. More recently, we launched a free historical course on Renaissance and the Reformation. Another new course on Philosophy in a Christian Perspective will be released very soon. In 2019, we plan to continue to build out our availability of free online courses by collaborating with the best minds in both Lutheran and Reformational theology.  


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we are working with the finest Theological minds of our day to bring you new, helpful content



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1517 Publishing is a boutique publishing house focused on producing high-quality, theological resources to fuel a return to the Reformation. We promote the defense of the Christian faith, the distinction between law and gospel, vocation and civil courage, and the proclamation of Christ crucified for you. We are based in Orange County, California. 

Our boutique, publishing house produces high-quality, theological resources. We have a number of new releases on the horizon that we are eager to share with you. Likewise, our speaker network contains a unique roster of talented communicators who will be coming to cities near where you live in 2019.