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Cindy Koch

A southern California resident, Cindy loves her husband, Paul and adores her five kids. It is this gift of family that drives her desire to write, teach and speak on the true Word of God. She earned her BA from Concordia University, Irvine and an MA in exegetical theology from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.   She is a frequent blog contributor to thejaggedword.com and 1517legacy.com.





+ The Story of Woman: A journey from creation to today, for tomorrow

An epic tale lies within the pages of the Bible. It’s a story of love and sacrifice for both men and women with an amazing ending. But for many women today, we have been hurt and confused by the words that teach about the place of a woman. Together, we will again discover this ancient story that gives comfort to women in Christ.

+ The Gospel According to Proverbs: a misunderstood book of promise

This study will challenge the common ways most people have studied the book of Proverbs. Misunderstood as simply a book of advice, we will uncover the central purpose of the whole Bible hidden among these popular sayings.

+ What’s Wrong with Women’s Bible Studies?

A closer look at popular Bible Studies on the market comparing them to the Word of God. We will discover what is missing from most Women’s Bible Studies and why it might be damaging to our faith.

+ Good Prayer, Bad Prayer

Is there a right way to pray? What if God doesn’t answer our prayers? A journey from the Old Testament Psalms, to the New Testament words of Christ, right into our own messy lives, today.


Cindy's Book

For any woman, identity is important. The question, “Who am I?” will haunt her every decision. Along the pathway of life, many will tell her a story of who she is. She might be lucky enough to hear the pure and simple truth, but more often than not she will be told and believe a variety things. Consequently, both men and women have become confused, afraid, angry, and bitter towards the story of woman in our culture because, tragically, we have forgotten the ancient story spoken by God’s Word.