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Dr. Dan Van Voorhis

Daniel van Voorhis has been a professor of modern history and political science for over 10 years having most recently served as the assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences at Concordia University, Irvine.  Dan cohost’s the Virtue in the Wasteland podcast, is a nationally sought out speaker. He's authored Monsters: Addiction, Ex-Girlfriends, and Other Dangerous Things and the May 2018 release of Johann Arndt, the Prophet of Lutheran Pietism.  Dan was an actor, comedian, and barista before earning his PhD at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.  Married since 2002 to his wife, Beth Anne, they have two sons, Coert and Raymond.





+ Church History

+ Religion and Politics in America

+ American Christianity

+ U.S. History

+ The history of the Lutheran Church


Dr. Voorhis's Book

This is a story of a historian turning his craft to the story about which he is most afraid: his own. This is a book about fighting the monsters of addiction, severe anxiety, depression, and crippling self-doubt. But more than this, it is about a fight against hope. And how the author fought for thirty years against hope. He fought that dreadful proposition that there might be something else out there that offered some kind of reprieve. He fought, and hoped against hope.