Complete Your Study and Learn the Biblical Meaning of 'Justification By Faith Alone.' 

In Luther's Commentary on Galatians, Part 1, Dr. Rod Rosenbladt led us (verse by verse) through Paul's letter to the Galatians. With Luther's commentary in hand, he shows us how the entire letter points back to Christ's finished work–rendering the law powerless over us.

Join Dr. Rod Rosenbladt in Luther's Commentary on Galatians, Part 2, where he completes our study of Galatians and helps unpack the meaning of 'Sola Fide,' for the believer. This study serves as a signpost for assurance, pointing you away from the law for justification and to Christ.

Dr. Rod Rosenbladt is a well-known Lutheran scholar with over 30 years of theological experience. A former co-host of the nationally syndicated show 'White Horse Inn,' he is now a member of the 'Thinking Fellows' 1517 podcast. In this 8-session study, join him as he:

  • Explores the nature of justification in relation to Christ's death
  • The role of works in the life of a Christian
  • What it means to be an heir of the kingdom of God
  • Which road to choose: Unity or Truth? 
  • and more...

This course is designed to last three weeks and will include weekly video lesson, course notes, and quizzes.

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