Learn How Philosophy has Influenced Christian Thought.


Should Christians explore Philosophy? 

Philosophy often feels like something that takes place up in an ivory tower, away from the practical concerns of everyday life. And since many philosophers in the Western tradition are pagan, it can be scary and challenging to engage with their work. Is there really anything they can offer our way of thinking about the world that is beneficial?

The truth is that Philosophy affects everything. It impacts Politics, Art, and how you live in this world. In our context, Philosophy profoundly impacts Christianity and has for centuries. And believe it or not, some pagan philosophers have made significant contributions to the Christian way of defining and understanding the good, the true, and the beautiful. 

In this way, Philosophy is a handmaid to Theology as it helps us categorize and shape our beliefs about our relationship with God. So not only should Christians spend time exploring Philosophy, we might even say we need to in order to truly understand our own beliefs and the different perspectives of our neighbors.       

Join Dr. Jeff Mallinson–Author of ‘Sexy’ and Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University Irvine –as he guides you the Philosophical tradition of the West, covering topics like:

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