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CAMPAIGN UPDATE: We reached our $150,000 budgetary goal! Thank you to all who made a financial gift.


We believe audibly hearing, “You are forgiven!” every single day is at the root of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why we create four original articles and one new podcast every weekday–and it’s why we give it all way for free. We each need God’s efficacious Word spoken in our ear on a daily basis, so that we may be reminded of His promises for us.

As we finalize our budget for 2019, we need to raise $150,000 by midnight on December 31st. Your support will go directly towards helping expand our audience and investing in these initiatives:

1517 Podcasting Network & Articles Each week, we generate over ten hours of new audio content and five original articles, covering topics like Christian doctrine, apologetics, cultural engagement, and powerful preaching. We produce and share all of it for free. Your financial support before the end of the year will ensure that we are able to keep providing these free online resources next year.

1517 Academy Just recently, we launched a new free philosophy course titled, Philosophy in a Christian Perspective. Earlier this year, we released a brand new, five-week course on apologetics that is free for everyone. In one year, we’ve enrolled over 5,000 students. In 2019, we are collaborating with the best minds in both Lutheran and Reformational theology to bring you new original courses–but we need your help to advance these efforts.     

1517 Publishing & Speakers Our publishing house produced more than fifteen high-quality, theological resources this year. Our speaker network contains a unique roster of talented communicators who plan to speak in multiple cities in 2019. With your financial help, our contributors can preach the Gospel to more people than we ever have before.

1517 Events Our annual three-day event ‘Here We Still Stand’ will take place again in October 2019. We also have an increasing number of City Events planned for 2019, including Austin, TX, Des Moines, IA, and Minneapolis, MN. With your support, we can expand our City Events to more places in 2019.

Will you support 1517 with a tax-deductible gift today, so we can reach more people with the Gospel message?

Your gift will ensure that we are able to expand our reach this next year in all of these projects, and deliver the freedom of the Gospel–rooted in Jesus Christ–to a larger audience of people who desperately need to hear it.

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