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A Letter from The 1517 Blog Editor-In-Chief


Someone recently asked me, “What exactly does 1517 do?” After pointing them to our daily articles, podcast network, Academy, and other online resources, I later realized what they were really asking. Here now, I wish I would have explained this:

We publish new content every week day because it is vital to continually communicate the forgiveness of sins and righteousness given on account of Christ crucified.

Thanks to people like you who have liked and shared our content, our blog readership has grown significantly in this past year. We hope our content will remain informative, relevant, and comforting, while adhering to sola scriptura and the other truths rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation for many years to come.

The words, “You are Forgiven,” continue to free me from the weight of my sin and give me assurance in the gifts of my Savior. My hope is that the content at 1517 continues to do the same for you.


Kelsi Klembara



If the 1517 Blog has been useful to you, we ask that you please take a moment to keep it growing in the years to come.