What Drove Luther's Hammer?

We will together take a very abbreviated look at what led Luther down the long road to the discovery of the Gospel. Truth be told, the content of what I am telling will contain nothing that is original on my part. My words are totally parasitic on, a distillation of, the work of my betters: respected Luther scholars Roland Bainton, E. Gordon Rupp, James Kittelson, Philip Watson, Graham Tomlin, Jaroslav Pelikan, James Nestingen, & others – incl. Episcopal Professor of Philosophy, Philip Cary!) To those of you already familiar with Luther’s story, my apologies.

A little about the age in which Luther lived. And a little a bout Luther’s family, his upbringing. And at least a little about Luther’s education. A little more about his life as a monk. And finally, a little about the nature of the Gospel Luther discovered in the writings of St. Paul. 

- Rod Rosenbladt