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The 1517 Academy offers this free online course as a resource for people who want a deeper understanding of Paul's writings in the New Testament and the way Luther came to understand them.

Every Christian needs to be reminded that the heart of God’s message of salvation is through the free gift of justification found in in His son, Jesus Christ. 

1517 also oversees a publishing house, speaker circuit and now an online Academy offering free courses from some of the top minds in American theology today. Our work falls into four, separate spheres that unite our projects:

  • Establishing a Thinking Fellowship
  • Empowering New Voices for Proclamation
  • Partnering with Like-Minded Voices for Unity
  • Creating Innovative and Accessible Methods of Learning

The 1517 Academy relies on the generosity of people like you to make these courses possible and educate this generation of believers to return to the clarity of the Gospel. 

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