The History of 1517 and how our
non profit came to be.

  • 1517 Legacy is Founded

    1517. The Legacy Project name ratified as well as the establishment of a Thinking Fellowship. Plans for our first book, eventually "Where Christ is Present start. Establishment of the speakers bureau follows shortly after.

  • Distinguished Fellow, Site Launches

    John Warwich Montgormery desinated "Distinguished Honoary Fellow of the Thinking Fellowship". launches with the hope of bringing the wealth of knowledge in the Thinking Fellowship to the public.

  • Dr. Keith, Rod Rosenbladt + Uwe Simon Netto

    Dr. Scott Keith agrees to Join 1517 as Operations Director. Uwe Siemon-Netto designated "Distinguished Honorary Fellow of the Thinking Fellowship. NRP Books also produces 3rd edition of Triumph of the Absurd. Jagged Word becomes a project of 1517 and talk start with Leaugue of Faithful masks merging with 1517. Also Rod Rosenbladt is designated "Distinguished Honorary Fellow of the Thinking Fellowship."

  • Thinking Fellows Podcast + Christ Hold Fast Conferences

    Thinking Fellows Podcast launches. 1517 partners with Christ Hold Fast to produce the first ever conference with over 450 in attendence. Subsequently launching CHF "City Events" held in New York City, Dallas, and Detroit.

  • Here We Still Stand

    1517 threw the largest and most gracious Refomration Celebration in the United States. Bringing together theologians, pastors and speakers from around the country to San Diego, California.