Welcome to You Are Forgiven, a weekly show which proclaims the genuine good news of Christ’s forgiveness for you. Our goal is to bring this truth more clearly into focus.


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You Are Forgiven! These words, and the fact they describe, are at the very heart of the Christian faith. Sadly though, far too many representatives of Christianity would have you believe the heart of the faith is described by words like “You can do better!”, or “What would Jesus do?”, or even “God helps those who help themselves!”

The cacophony of information these days, especially “Christian” information, offers you myriad tips, techniques and checklists, all purporting to help you become a better Christian, or even to show you how you can get closer/acceptable to God. You Are Forgiven! is here to bring the truth of Christ’s forgiveness for you into clearer focus.

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Scott Osborne

Scott has worked as a Recording Engineer and Broadcast/TV Audio mixer in and throughout Hollywood for most of his career. "I wanted to bring the unique, first-order preaching style of my pastor (Ron Hodel) at Faith Lutheran Church to our local airwaves." With the guidance and support of 1517 The Legacy Project, Scott’s vision grew into the concept for the You Are Forgiven radio show. You Are Forgiven features several area pastors, and aims to proclaim the gospel locally via radio, and worldwide through the internet.


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